Building new pathways- one step at a time.

Each of us has the potential for growth and change. We're here to help.

Mistakes make your brain grow.” We like that idea, but cultivating a growth mindset is about so much more. In truth, it’s what you do after the mistake that’s most important. Work with me on this workshop and walk away with 4 Keys to Cultivating a Growth Mindset!

Resilience is a skill. Just like our kids take lessons to learn an instrument or get better at math, we can teach them fundamental skills to face and overcome anxiety & adversity. Let’s work together on this workshop and you will walk away with 5 Keys to Cultivating a Resilient Mindset!

Why Anger Transformation? Anger is a very natural, very human response. When we feel angry, we’re trying to protect something that’s important to us. This Workshop allows us to work through REAL LIFE SCENARIOS and begin to transform shouting, screaming, yelling, outbursts, defiance and more!

Workshops and Training

Educational and Behavioral Services

How We Can Help...

Educational Consulting & Training

We provide both individual student and social/emotional/behavioral systems consultation to schools interested in increasing effectiveness in their ability to program for children with emotional and behavioral needs. Our knowledge of evidences based practices that produce effective interventions, while being empathetic with the challenges that today's schools face, results in sustainable behavior change that is line with your team's values.

Classroom and School systems.

Student behavioral support plans.

Educational Assessment and Behavior Coaching/Therapy

We provide evidence based coaching and behavioral services to help children, adolescents, young adults and their parents increase psychological flexibility, gain skills, and engage in behaviors that are in line with their values.

Not sure where to start? We provide assessment services to support you in your understanding of your child's educational needs across social-emotional, behavioral, and learner domains.